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I’ve noticed a trend recently where even if I spend the whole day studying and being productive, I am grumpy and irritable when I meet up with my friends in the evening, and can’t seem to enjoy this fleeting reprieve from my work. On the flip side, when I decide to spend the whole day skiing or hiking- things that usually bring me a lot of joy- I am often distracted by an overwhelming feeling of guilt. I feel bad for not doing work, and instead of enjoying myself I worry about my ever-growing to do list. I can't help thinking that maybe I should have stayed in the library all day. ...continue reading "Take Breaks- and Don’t Feel Guilty About it"

The Academic Skills Center’s Blog is back, and it’s time for some more tips as we enter into the new year. Now that it’s officially the winter term, everything is feeling a little more intense. The weather is getting colder, and unless you’re taking the term off, you’re most likely juggling a bunch of classes while still spending a good chunk of time on sports, clubs, or even a part time job. ...continue reading "Combat College Burnout"

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