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It’s official!

Dartmouth will be adopting Canvas, by Instructure, as its new Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is a modern tool with a great user interface, and will allow both faculty and students to do exciting new work in their course web sites. Think fewer clicks, seamless audio and video tools, flexible notifications and new ways of interacting and communicating. Re-think teaching and learning with technology!  Learn more about Canvas and how Dartmouth will transition to its new LMS at:

LMS Evaluation Process

Testing:  We launched this testing phase with on campus vendor demos by representatives from Blackboard, Canvas, and Desire2Learn.  More in-depth evaluation activities included running mini-courses in the three systems and collecting instructor and student feedback. We also set up  “sandbox” environments for broader testing and a  technical review.  Based on the findings from  these evaluation activities, the Steering Committee voted in February to continue with an evaluation of only two systems: Blackboard and Canvas. Faculty and students participated in additional evaluations:

  • Faculty explored sample courses in Canvas and Blackboard  and provided feedback from a survey embedded in the LMS sites.
  • Several faculty actually piloted Canvas or a newer version of Blackboard (9.1 SP 11) in their spring term courses and we collected feedback from faculty and students to learn about their experiences in both systems.
  • Instructional designers provided a side-by-side comparison of key features in Blackboard Learn and Canvas.  Click on each LMS to view the short demos.   Canvas representatives presented a demo designed for the Geisel School of Medicine.
  • Students took a “test drive” in each LMS by completing some basic tasks in Canvas and Blackboard courses and rated their experiences with each LMS.

Needs Assessment:  We conducted a needs assessment and analysis of the learning management systems market.   We learned about each system from faculty and student focus groups, product demos and a detailed analysis of each LMS.  Based on this assessment,  Blackboard, Canvas by Instructure, and Desire 2 Learn were selected for further evaluation.  The Steering Committee fully supported the project team’s recommendation of the three systems.   Find details in the Phase 1 Archive.