Learning Fellows Program Staff:

All inquiries should be directed to which will reach our Program Manager and Program Coordinator.

Program Manager:
Adrienne Gauthier
Learning Designer
Learning Design and Technology
Information, Technology and Consulting

Program Coordinator:
Elaine Livingston
Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

Learning Fellows Leadership Team:

Adrienne Gauthier, Program Manager Learning Fellows Program, Learning Designer (LDT)

Scott Pauls, Director for the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

Erin DeSilva, Assistant Director of Learning Design and Technology

Elaine Livingston, Program Coordinator Learning Fellows Program (DCAL)

Learning Fellows Course Facilitators:

Erin DeSilva (LDT)

Adrienne Gauthier (LDT)

Michael Goudzwaard (LDT)

Prue Merton (DCAL)

Adam Nemeroff (LDT)

Cindy Tobery (DCAL)

Looking for more learning support?

The Learning Fellows focus on in-class, small group facilitation. If you are a student or faculty member looking for additional learning support for courses, please check out the Academic Skills Center and Tutor Clearinghouse.