Faculty FAQs

This page provides information to faculty interested in working with Learning Fellows. The application links are for faculty only; students, please do not use this page to apply for placements as Learning Fellows. The student FAQs are here.

Who are Learning Fellows?

Learning Fellows are talented Dartmouth undergraduates who help professors enhance and streamline their classroom learning environments. Learning Fellows help facilitate group problem solving sessions, lead small group dialogues, provide academic support to their peers during lectures and labs, and promote deeper engagement with course material.

How do I request Learning Fellows for my course?

We ask faculty to apply for Learning Fellows in their upcoming courses in as much advance time as possible. A typical LF Course will start working with program staff on course design and effective use of Learning Fellows three months prior to the start of a term. Please look for our announcements in the Dartmouth VOX, or contact the program manager.

Apply now for Spring 2019 and beyond! Spring term application deadline December 21, 2018.

The online application will be reviewed by Learning Fellows leadership team. We try to partner as many faculty and fellows as we can, however there is a limit on how many courses we can support. Please review the Learning Fellows Faculty/Course Application for requirements and expectations.

How might a Learning Fellow enhance my course?

Faculty working with Learning Fellows have reported that:

  • Learning Fellows can engage with students of different learning needs, including at-risk students.
  • Learning Fellows can reduce the professor’s workload in answering routine questions.
  • Learning Fellows provide clear, just-in-time feedback regarding the progress of the course.
  • Students arrive to class better prepared to discuss material and handle new problems.

For more information on how Learning Fellows might be beneficial in the classroom, please see The Learning Assistants Alliance and Teaching with Learning Assistants.

What compensation do Learning Fellows receive?

Learning Fellows at Dartmouth receive an hourly wage for their time and formal training in facilitation from the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL) and the Learning Design and Technology. Learning Fellows are chosen from students who have previously completed the course, by permission of the professor. Learning Fellows are expected to work 6-10 hours a week, including attending all classroom sessions.

Do I have to recruit, hire, or train the Fellows?

No. Members of DCAL and the Learning Designers handle the recruitment, application, and training of Learning Fellows. We select potential Learning Fellows from students who have previously taken the course (or a very similar one). A list of finalists is submitted to the professor for review and with the professor’s approval, the Learning Fellows Program issues letters of acceptance. The LF Program handles all of the paperwork associated with hiring and paying the Fellows, and we provide training to the Learning Fellows so that they are ready to facilitate small group activities in class.

What does the program expect from me?

Please review our Course Team Expectations flyer for more information on roles and responsibilities.

Please note that while Learning Fellows may fill a variety of roles within a course, they are not permitted to grade.