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NEFDC 2017 presentation: “Learning Fellows: Agents of Change”

Teaching huddles

Our faculty and Learning Fellows operate like a teaching team, where everyone works together to support the student learning in the course. Each week, the faculty, learning fellows, and a course facilitator (learning designer or faculty developer) gather for a “teaching team huddle”. In the huddles, we reflect on challenges and success, discuss teaching strategies, and participate in facilitation and pedagogy activities. Check out our poster from the 2018 Learning Assistants Alliance International Conference.

Who: Professor(s), Learning Fellows, Course Facilitator(s)
What: Reflecting, brainstorming, prepping for the week ahead, and participating in a pedagogy or facilitation activity
When: One hour per week (9 week terms) Learning Fellows Orientation pre-term
Where: Private and confidential space with many many whiteboards and lots and lots of sticky notes
Why: Professors and LFs need customized support with a facilitator (learning designer or faculty developer)

What happens during a huddle?

  • Reflect on personal course/LF challenges
  • Shared challenges brainstorm
  • Feedback on class Prep for upcoming week
  • Trying out new class activities
  • Construct mid-course feedback questions
  • Review and integrate mid-course feedback
  • Construct “group reflection survey” reports
  • Share personals wins for the week

Sample huddle activities for learning fellows and faculty :

Huddle activities for experienced Learning Fellows:

A sample page from our huddle activity, "Communities of Inquiry."

A sample page from our huddle activity, “Communities of Inquiry.”