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NEFDC 2017 presentation: “Learning Fellows: Agents of Change”

Teaching huddles

Our faculty and Learning Fellows operate like a teaching team, where everyone works together to support the students in the course. Each week, the faculty and Fellows gather in “teaching huddles” to discuss their strategies for teaching the course. If strategies are working, we keep them. If strategies aren’t working, we change them up. The teaching huddles are usually an hour long, and they focus mostly on the course and its content. What time remains (usually about 15 minutes) is dedicated to boosting the team’s general pedagogical skills. Below, you’ll find a sampling of the pedagogical activities we use in our huddles. You’re welcome to download them and use them for your own huddles. They’re listed in the order we recommend, but mix and match the ones you need for the course you’re teaching!

Huddle activities for new Learning Fellows:

Huddle activities for experienced Learning Fellows:

A sample page from our huddle activity, "Communities of Inquiry."

A sample page from our huddle activity, “Communities of Inquiry.”