Social Impact Learning Fellows

At Dartmouth, one of our most important learning opportunities is service learning. By integrating with our local communities, we enrich academic environments through civic responsibility, inter-group dialogues, common enterprise, and reflection. More than a dozen courses at Dartmouth use service learning in their curriculum. Our Social Impact Learning Fellows connect with faculty, students, and community organizers to keep the course moving smoothly.

Like other Learning Fellows, the Social Impact Learning Fellows work closely with faculty to ensure the success of active and experiential learning experiences. They are trained to effectively partner with faculty, increase the diversity of learning approaches in the classroom, and foster student engagement with course material.

In addition, the Social Impact Learning Fellows are specially trained to collaborate with community organizations and to design learning experiences with social impact. They are passionate about important issues affecting our community like access to education, food security, public health, homelessness, and the environment. While helping with faculty and courses, Social Impact Learning Fellows improve their abilities to:

  • Establish best practices in community-engaged learning.
  • Connect Social Impact Practicum (SIP) projects
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration across campus-community stakeholders
  • Integrate academic and experiential learning
  • Deliver high-impact solutions to societal challenges
  • Facilitate critical reflection among students and faculty

We hire multiple Social Impact Learning Fellows each quarter. If you are interested in becoming a Social Impact Learning Fellows, please get in touch with Ashley Doolittle at the Dartmouth Center for Service. We welcome your application.