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Library Teaching Quarterly: WI14

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Portuguese language film project supports teaching and research

Portuguese Language Films at Dartmouth
Portuguese Language Films at Dartmouth

Portuguese Language Films at Dartmouth (PLFD) is a new interactive discovery tool for the Dartmouth Library's Portuguese-language film collection. Collaborating on the project are Rodolfo Franconi and Carlos Minchillo in Dartmouth’s Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Nikki Boots in Educational Technologies, and Jill Baron in Baker-Berry Research and Instruction Services.

With this tool, users may search, browse, leave comments, and locate films in the Library's collections. Franconi and Minchillo both use the PLFD in language classes from Portuguese 1 to more advanced courses, as a means for both soliciting student feedback on assigned films, and as a tool for students to select films for their final projects.  More than a discovery tool, the PLFD contributes to language learning and cultural immersion by facilitating users' access to the Library's unparalleled collection of Portuguese-language film.

Teaching Technique: Send-A-Problem

Send-A-Problem in action at Rauner Library

During the 2013 Winter Term, Morgan Swan implemented an active learning technique called "Send-A-Problem" that he had first encountered at the Librarians Active Learning Institute. “Send-A-Problem” begins by breaking a class into groups of 2-4 students. Each group is given a problem, tries to solve it, and then passes the problem and their solution to the next group. Without looking at the previous group’s solution, the next group works to solve the problem. After as many passes as seems useful, the groups analyze, evaluate, and report the best solution to the class. Morgan adapted the technique for an Animal Rights class taught by Catharine Randall that asked the students to generate compelling narratives about primary sources at Rauner Special Collections Library and then to vote for the best narrative.

Faculty create iBooks at Geisel School of Medicine

Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases
Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases, an iBook by James Bell, M.D.
In the fall of 2012, each incoming student at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth received an iPad as well as a variety of productivity and content apps to aid learning. As part of the iPad initiative, faculty willing to investigate the educational value of the iPad also received a device. A number of faculty, after attending iBook Author workshops facilitated by Apple educators, decided to create iBooks.
Amanda Albright, Educational Technology Support Specialist at Geisel School of Medicine Computing Services, wrote an article about Geisel's iPad + iBooks pilot project. The comments from participating faculty and students gives us much to consider in the realms of scholarly publishing and teaching, and how the Library can collaborate on similar initiatives.


Baker Tower
Contributors: Jill Baron (Portuguese Language Films), Morgan Swan (teaching technique), Amanda Albright (iBooks).
Editors: Laura Barrett and Sarah Tischer Scully

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