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Library Teaching Quarterly: SP14

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Technology Tools for Enhancing Student Learning

Murally and Explain Everything

In March, E&O librarians presented a workshop for their colleagues entitled “Technology Tools for Enhancing Student Learning.” Attendees participated in teaching scenarios led by Tania Convertini, Language Program Director of the Department of French & Italian, and Jill Baron, Romance Languages Librarian, who demonstrated Linoit, a digital post-it application for online collaboration. Nikki Boots, Instructional Designer, had the group try out Lecture Tools, software designed to increase in-class participation and engagement. A handout with a number of additional tools that may be of interest to teaching librarians is available. These include, an online whiteboard for collaborating and visually organizing ideas; and Explain Everything, an interactive screen-casting tool for iPad that can easily incorporate many types of content from a wide variety of sources.

Dartmouth Presents at SXSWedu
SXSWeduIn early March, Susan Simon from the Jones Media Center spoke on a panel discussion at the South by Southwest Educational (SXSWedu) conference, with former Dartmouth colleague Karen Gocsik and Harvard's Director of Academic Technology, Katie Vale. They discussed their work with multimodal assignments, more specifically with assignments that ask students to create a visual argument,  as a way to more successfully engage their students in the classroom. The discussion was primarily about how we, as educators, need to embrace alternate forms of scholarship (such as videos and other visual presentations) to better prepare our students to be good citizens and effective professionals. Students need to learn to "read" these kinds of texts and to produce them. By asking students to create original multimodal scholarship we can transform them from mere consumers into active creators. For more information and examples of student work, check out Media Projects at Dartmouth.

Exhibit and Conference on The Great War
WWI_ExhibitFor the Spring Term, the Baker Main Hall exhibit space presents "A Visible War," a display on the Great War that emphasizes the various ways in which WWI and its context were interpreted and represented by both public institutions and private individuals. The exhibit was inspired by "Specters of the Great War," a conference to be hosted by the French and Italian Department from May 15 through May 17. The six windows that comprise the exhibit are a testimony to the collaborative spirit of the Dartmouth community: at least a dozen participants, including members of the French and Italian, Art History, and History departments, as well librarians and staff from the Library and Hood Museum, worked together to create this multi-faceted perspective on the war.

Baker Tower
Contributors: Andrea Bartelstein (teaching tools), Susan Simon (SXSWedu), Morgan Swan and Jill Baron (The Great War).
Editors: Laura Barrett and Sarah Tischer Scully

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