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Daily Diary of the Great War — September 20, 1917

By John Hale Chipman, Class of 1919

"Sept. 20, 1917. Thursday, Cloudy and rain.

Chipman_Sept20_PhotoSure enough, 11 camions [trucks] left at 5 A.M. but I left at 6 with five other cars in convoy with Sect. I but when I go to B-- loading place, I had to let Ab Street take my car #48 to the destination and I brought back two "wounded" cars, Hayes and I, I should say.  The one I drove back was terrible,--the clutch wouldnt work so I had to change gears without throwing out the clutch (as I couldn't throw it out) and I was scared stiff of stripping the gears.  But, I got home at 12-30 safely after leaving the car at the atelier's [machine shop]. After dinner, I wrote some but at 4:30 Hayes, Pollock and I had to take a camion down town and get our peleton supply of gas, oil and grease.  Some work lifting those heavy bidons or cans of gas into the camion.  Anyway, we did the work without a grumble and got back in quick enough time.  Had supper and sat around chewing the rag with the Frenchmen.  As it started raining we all got in our remorques [trailers], but Johnny Gordon [Dartmouth class of 1919] and I played pinochle some more until bed time."

September 20, 1917 (1 of 2)
September 20, 1917
(1 of 2)
September 20, 1917 (2 of 2)
September 20, 1917
(2 of 2)








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To see the actual diary, come to Rauner Special Collections Library in Webster Hall and ask to see MS-1229 during normal hours of operation.


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