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A Daily Diary of the Great War — September 30, 1917

By John Hale Chipman, Class of 1919

"September 30, 1917, Sunday.

Total destruction
Total destruction

Today is Bob's birthday, I believe. Well, Bob, I've got all sorts of presents for you when I get home, May it be soon!

Today we got a call for M s.P again so we left at 8 A.M. and got back at 5:30 P.M. after a disinteresting trip. However, I took some great pictures, --one of a house with a shell hole in the corner of it, and others showing munition bases to batteries in the woods. After they're printed I'll show them to you.

Well, folks, I got some might welcome mail tonight, --Mother's, Sept. 14, Mattie's Sept. 6 & 13, Wilda, 6 & 14, Muddy Marsh, Sept. 14 and Marje Humphries, Sept. 11; also your song-book Mattie, and the Sunday paper of Sept. 9. Roy Youmans [Dartmouth class of 1920] came back from camp yesterday so the quartette christened the new song-book and extends its heartiest thanks to Sister Mattie. After singing our throats sore, we all went to bed."

September 30, 1917
September 30, 1917








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To see the actual diary, come to Rauner Special Collections Library in Webster Hall and ask to see MS-1229 during normal hours of operation.

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