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A Daily Diary of the Great War — November 7, 1917

By John Hale Chipman, Class of 1919


"November 7, 1917. Wednesday, Rain.

Was awakened at 6:30 to go up to north of O. and take some plaques tournantes or revolving switches for the many miniature railways here. Two cars left here at 7:00 and it took all day to "ship" them some 40 kilometers by our transport camions [trucks]. We saw little as a drizzly rain fell all day and it was disagreeable riding. Got back at 4:30 and had supper then dried out around the fire till 8:45, then went to bed and read a bit. (The Woman Gives, by Owen Johnson) interesting but weird) then I guess I fell asleep with the candle still burning about 10:00."

November 7, 1917
November 7, 1917








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To see the actual diary, come to Rauner Special Collections Library in Webster Hall and ask to see MS-1229 during normal hours of operation.

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