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A Daily Diary of the Great War — November 10, 1917

By John Hale Chipman, Class of 1919


"November 10, 1917, Saturday, Rain, Cold.

Up at 7:30 and had omelette and confiture [jam] for breakfast. (Our grub is swell here) then after roll call we just hung around reading, talking, etc. At 11 had dinner, then I wrote till 4 o'clock and as it cleared up, a bunch of us went down to the Y. M. C. A. to arrange a program. Bottomley and I then went down to our little restaurant whose sign reads "autant ici qu'ailleurs" (as much here as any place else.) Here 9 of us had a swell feed cooked for us, mutton, potatoes, green peas, fresh bread, confiture and jelly, coffee with condensed milk and some good "Bull Durham". Believe me it was some lunch-feed. Just think we sat on real stools, ate with real honest to goodness forks, spoons, plates, tumblers, but we had to use our own knives as you probably can imagine where extra house-hold steel is.

After the food, the bunch of us went out to the Y. M. C. A. again and we gang gave a concert. Fat Bottomley sang and he was a scream. After we came home and got to bed 11:30."

November 10, 1917
November 10, 1917








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To see the actual diary, come to Rauner Special Collections Library in Webster Hall and ask to see MS-1229 during normal hours of operation.

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