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A Daily Diary of the Great War — November 12, 1917

By John Hale Chipman, Class of 1919

Captain cited
Captain cited

"November 12, Monday, Misty and Cold.

Mother's birthday. Yes Mother I thought of you today as usual, but I just can't remember whether you are 32 or 33, anyway you are still young and happy. Please accept my loving congratulations.

Got up at 7:30 and had my omelette, jelly and hot coffee. I do enjoy jelly in the morning, and I hope you can have some for me "de temps en temps" [from time to time] when I am with you once again. All morning we boys cleaned our shoes, suits etc. for at 2. P. M. we went over to S. where the Medaille Militaire was given to a soldier, Capt. Mallet, head of our Autos Convoy and Capt. Geuin, Capt of our Groupe here received the Legion of Honor, then Buzby's section received the Croix de Guerre as did the boy who lost his hand, the account of which I sent you about a month ago. After we paraded around the field we came home in our camions [trucks] again. There were some U. S. troops there too, men who enlisted from our sections here. They had on their "Tommy" helmets and indeed looked queer.

After a late supper I received my mail and are as follows:- Mother, Oct. 12, Beth, Oct, 11, Dotty Haskall, Oct. 8, Marion Jewett and Theo, Oct. 5 and Irving Marshall Oct. 8. Marion sent me a picture of my new second cousin but at her stage of the "Game of Life" all little ones look alike to me. She seems very cute.

We hung around as usual, nor orders or anything. Bed 8:45."

November 12, 1917
November 12, 1917








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To see the actual diary, come to Rauner Special Collections Library in Webster Hall and ask to see MS-1229 during normal hours of operation.

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