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Dartmouth continues its support for broader access to educational materials and the results of research by providing a travel scholarship for an early career researcher to attend OpenCon 2014:  The Student and Early Career Researcher Conference on Open Access, Open Education and Open Data.   This commitment builds on initiatives such as the Open Access Publishing Equity Fund, the open access journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, the faculty open access resolution under discussion across campus, and the creation of DartmouthX courses.  Early career researchers and teachers will shape the future of their fields, blending use of digital information tools with the importance of broad access to information, data, and education. OpenCon offers an opportunity for participants from around the world to build that future.

Brett Anderson, a graduate student in the Department of Physics & Astronomy,  and Dr. Kes Schroer, a postdoctoral fellow in the Neukom Institute & Department of Anthropology, are representing Dartmouth at OpenCon 2014.  Brett is the recipient of the Dartmouth travel scholarship to OpenCon and Kes is attending as part of her invitation to speak at George Washington University on ”Pathways to Open Science”.   Says Brett, “Science is definitely moving in an Open direction, from governmental agencies requiring open publication of results of taxpayer funded research to scientists simply wanting to make their data public and their methods transparent.  While the goals are laudable and seem clear, the path towards achieving ‘Open Science’ is complex.  We are attending OpenCon 2014 to learn and collaborate with scientists from around the world and to blaze this new trail together." Kes shared her insights into how OpenCon 2014 will help early career researchers forward science.  “Open Science is about establishing fair, rapid, and reproducible research in an era of international and transdisciplinary exploration. Attending OpenCon gives us the chance to learn and develop best practices for putting Open Science into action.”

Brett and Kes will deepen the campus conversation about open access, open education, and open data when they return, so look for programs and talks on these topics!

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