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Open Book Publishing Reduces Access Barriers-Sounds Good!

OpenBookThe Dartmouth College Library and the University Press of New England (UPNE) are collaborating on open access monograph publishing for Dartmouth scholars, as well as for the back list of selected UPNE books. As part of that collaboration, we recently offered a seminar on "The Open Book: New Directions in Monograph Publishing" with a focus on "Monograph Publishing Options".  Topics included opportunities for broadening distribution and readership, as well as a realistic assessment of the costs of producing a scholarly monograph in light of budgetary constraints on purchasing such works.

The benefits of reducing cost barriers for readers are compelling, but the benefits of reducing access barriers for those with different abilities was a key reason Dartmouth professor of Music William Cheng sought funding for immediate open access for his book Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good, published in print and digital formats by the University of Michigan Press in August 2016. At Dartmouth, financial support for publishing often comes from the departments and Dean of the Faculty areas, to cover the subventions that are often required by publishers. Cheng sought and received funding from several additional sources, including the Dartmouth Open Access Fund, to ensure his book would be readable by all, and expresses why in this statement:

"I have chosen to publish my book, Just Vibrations: The Purpose of Sounding Good (University of Michigan Press, 2016), both in print and Open Access so that it can reach William_Cheng_photoas many readers as possible, especially those who might otherwise be unable to afford or access this text. By harmonizing the medium and message of the book (which advocates for care, compassion, and outreach in academia and beyond), Open Access offers a downloadable file that accommodates quick searches, text-to-voice dictation, and transportability via e-readers."

JustVibrationsCoverImage In November, it was announced that the American Musicological Society selected professor Cheng's book for their Philip Brett Award for 2016.


For question about open access options for your scholarly monograph, contact the Dartmouth College Library's Digital Publishing Program



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