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A Dartmouth Doctor in WWI

On Aug. 4, 1917 entered the service as Contract Surgeon, doing special Tuberculosis work.

All the troop ready for oversea duty were examined.
The time allowed for an examination was three minutes to a man.
If signs were found in the chest two Physicians had to examine before the man could be rejected.

This work was done at the Cadet Armory, the Armory on Commonwealth Ave. in Medford and Winthrop. At the fort at Hull. In the camps at Framingham, Somerville and at the other places where troop were quartered such as the Wentworth Institute.

From MS-397, Box 1, Folder 2. To read the diary in its entirety, visit Rauner Special Collections Library and ask to see the Harry Goodall papers (MS-397).

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