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Haitian Graffiti artist in Baker Main Hall January 12

Haitian Graffiti Artist Jerry Rosembert Moïse will give a live demonstration of his work Friday January 12 from 10 am to 3pm in the Main Hall of the Baker Library  (Refreshments will be served from 1-3pm)

Jerry Rosembert Moïse is Haiti’s most prominent graffiti artist. His murals color Haiti’s urban landscape with images of everyday people grappling with the harsh realities of life in the impoverished country. But if his subject matter is misery, his subjects are not miserable. He showcases urban Haitians combating and cunningly navigating the most difficult challenges—disaster, insecurity, illiteracy, aid dependency, corruption, poverty—with courage, poise, and humor. At the same time his murals critique Haitian society, they also valorize the Haitian spirit, featuring strong, smart, and witty characters that invoke viewers’ sympathies and respect simultaneously. Situated at the intersection of Haitian traditions of popular art, Caribbean models of humor and caricature, and graffiti practices common in the urban African diaspora, Jerry’s murals present a new movement of public art as a form of social critique in Haiti.

Jerry Rosembert Moïse's visit and painting demonstration are sponsored by Dartmouth's Department of Anthropology.

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