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New York Times Online Access Now Available

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Dartmouth students, faculty and staff now have unlimited access to

1. Create a new account on

2. Use your Dartmouth email address.

3. Once you have created the account, you'll be back at the original screen, now click on "Already have an account? Log in here »"

If you already have an existing (unpaid) account, you will not click "Create Account" on the welcome page.  Instead, click "Already have an account? Log in here" and log in with your existing username / password.

If you are off-campus and want to have full access to the, please load the VPN prior to going to the site.

Unfortunately, access to the New York Times web edition does not include e-reader editions or crosswords. Also, access to archived Times articles within the date range 1923-1980 is limited within the web interface.  Do not despair!  You have access already through a multitude of other library service providers. For access to historical news (Times, 1857-2011Journal, 1889-1995), please consult ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

See also : How can I access the Wall Street Journal?

Questions?  Just Ask Us Now!


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