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Thanks (Again)!

For the past eight years Jones Media Center has shown appreciation for its graduating student assistants with a send-off poster expressing its thanks. Or, as this year’s poster exclaims—Superthanks!

2018 "Project Thanks" Poster

The 2018 “Project Thanks” poster embodies a superhero theme, with each of the graduating JMC students posing as a well known superpower. Spider-Man. Iron Man. Superman. Black Panther. Wonder Woman. Captain America. Of course the students aren’t really clinging to the side of a building or flying through the air, as they are depicted in the actual poster. Instead, the special effects were all created thanks to JMC’s green screen technology and other super software that brings media magic to upstairs Baker-Berry.

Jones Media Center "Project Thanks" poster - Class of 2014
"Project Thanks" - Class of 2016

While the poster is a fun way to say thank you to JMC’s graduating student employees, it also serves as a valuable teaching project for the media center's student tech assistants. To create the final product not only requires experience using green screen effects, it also hones skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and graphic design. In addition, this year’s poster advertises the thriving equipment loan program at JMC, given that the student superheroes are wielding a boom pole, reflector, shotgun mic, tripod, LumeCube, or other piece of media production technology. Just imagine if Superman brought along a Canon 6D DSLR camera when he came to save the day!


Rachel Hand '18 as Iron (Wo)man

"It was fun posing like Iron Man and seeing our equipment being put to use,” says Rachel Hand '18, a senior who has worked at Jones as a student assistant since her sophomore summer. To mimic the Marvel Comics character's iconic stance, Rachel posed in JMC’s Innovation Studio, kneeling on a green backdrop. Her character was then “cut out” in post-production using chroma key compositing, and arranged on the poster’s colorful background.


Jun Ho Lee '18 in his Spidey stance








Senior Jun Ho Lee '18 opted to portray Spider-Man in the poster. “It wasn’t an easy pose to hold, even on the floor,” Jun Ho admitted with a smile. "It definitely felt like a week’s worth of workouts.”


Jack Anderson '18 in "flying" pose

Be sure to stop by Jones Media Center to see the super poster in super size, displayed directly behind the media services desk. And don’t forget to check out (literally) a piece of equipment to make your own media magic.

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