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2018 JMC Excellence Awards in Digital Media

On May 29, 2018, the Dartmouth College Library's Jones Media Center presented its 1st Annual JMC Excellence Awards for Digital Media. 2018 JMC Excellence Awards LogoThese awards recognize student achievements in academic multimedia. These works, produced by students during the current academic year, may take the form of videos, audio recordings, multimedia stories or travelogues, data visualizations, podcasts, websites, or other media content produced as part of academic research and coursework.

The submissions received were evaluated by a panel of judges, including Anthony Helm (Head of Digital Media and Library Technologies), Susan Simon (Media Learning Technologist), Helmut Baer (Learning Spaces Manager), Veronica Williamson (Jones Memorial Digital Media Fellow), and Colleen Goodhue (Media Communication and Student Engagement Manager in the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning).

Submitted works were evaluated based on evidence of research, academic content, and/or storytelling; overall organization; production quality; and audio and video editing (where applicable).

Awards were presented to a total of seven students in four categories based on the submissions we received: “Best Documentary or Non-fiction Prize,” “Best Creative or Fictional Prize,” “Best Multimedia or Animation Prize,” and a “Grand Prize” honoree. Judges also recognized one submission for Honorable Mention–“We’re All Meant To Shine” is a moving work by Dan LaFranier '17 and was an excellent kick-off to the presentation event.

The award for excellence in documentary or non-fictional work was presented to Crystal Clements ’18, Tiffany Dyson ’18, and Sofia Greimel-Garza ‘18 for their submission “Murales de Orozco,” an assignment for Spanish 80. Writing in Spanish, the students explain, "Through the murals of Orozco, we investigate the idea of hispanophobia and hispanofilia, specifically how the presence of the murals influences these feelings. We want to show how the murals, in the basement of Baker Berry's library, are simultaneously hyper-visible and invisible. The purpose of the visual essay is to convince our audience how this duality of the murals is an 'effect' of Orozco's positionality, as a Mexican muralist, in relation to American hegemonic powers and the content of the murals, which criticizes pedagogical institutions."

The award for excellence in creative or fictional work was presented to Ross Bower ’18, for his film submitted as a final project for Film 31. Ross writes, "This is a short film in which two men bear witness to the same relationship through different lenses. I wanted to make a commentary on how photos deceive and distort our memories and perceptions."

The award for excellence in multimedia or animation was presented to Jenny Hyun Ji Seong ’16/GR and Anne Muller ’18 for their “Informational Animation for LiGaze,” a project in the Dartmouth Networking and Ubiquitous Systems (DartNets) Laboratory.

And finally, after reviewing all of the submissions the judges agreed to award the Grand Prize to a single recipient for her collection of submitted works, as the three works taken together stand out as exemplars in each of the three categories. The Grand Prize was presented to Cecilia Torres ’18 for her works, “Es Bonito Verdad, Hija,” “Inmigracion,” and “Lengua.”

"Inmigracion" screen shot
Still from Cecilia Torres' animation "Inmigracion"

Congratulations to all of the award winners. Their entries may be viewed and listened to at:*

*Please note, some of the entries are in Spanish without subtitles.

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