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Let’s Change the Narrative!

  • Football teams 1900-1910
Help to change the dominant narrative surrounding Dartmouth’s history. Tell stories about inclusion and diversity from Dartmouth’s past that have never been told. Hone your research skills with primary sources. Contribute to a campus-wide effort to create an open and honest dialogue on campus about our past.
For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Dartmouth Library will be conducting a one-year historical accountability pilot initiative as part of Dartmouth's plan for Inclusive Excellence. The pilot initiative, which is based at Rauner Special Collections Library, is offering four, term-long, full-time, fully funded student research fellowships to assist Dartmouth students in exploring our collections and creating original content based upon primary sources.
Jaime Eeg ’18, a former Student Research Fellow, says “the fellowship allowed me to build a kind of relationship with the past that I never even realized was possible. Working with primary source material gave me a glimpse into individual perspectives I could never grasp from a history book. After spending one of my off terms researching in Rauner, I know the archives hold so many more stories waiting to be told.”



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