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Talk with a TA

Today, we sit down with the Teaching & Learning Program’s Teaching Assistant, Yilin Huo ’22, to learn more about his experiences working in Baker Library. This will be the first in our “Talk with a TA” blog series. Keep checking the Teaching & Learning blog for new interviews!

Hello everyone! My name is Yilin Huo and I am working in the Library as a Teaching Assistant with Laura Barrett and Katie Harding. I began in Fall 2018 and will be continuing my role in the Teaching and Learning Program until... Essentially, what this role is about is assisting Laura and Katie in creating lesson plans that they bring to the First Year Writing 5, 2/3, and Seminars that they teach. My focus is finding ways to dish out information effectively and simple enough for students to understand and stay focused on. I give Laura and Katie my impressions from a student perspective and bring up what is working and what would make me fall asleep. We usually focus on helping writing students learn how to use the Library’s resources and databases and how to explore a literary or societal topic in their writing.

So far, it has been such a fun experience. Sitting in on various writing classes is always thrilling because I get to participate in classes I cannot take, although sometimes it gets a little awkward since I am in the same grade as all the other students in the class. I was super happy, yet anxious, to lead a discussion in Prof. Adedoyin Ogunfeyimi’s class about research methods we used in high school. I was excited to share my experience with everyone in the class to encourage more responses and participation from all the students. Besides teaching in classrooms, I also help Laura and Katie with behind the scenes work, such as LavNotes (which are present in every bathroom in Baker-Berry and Rauner). Another aspect of my role is learning about Katie’s Open Education efforts on campus. She is dedicated to implementing curriculums based around free textbooks and resources. I strongly support that effort. Laura and Katie have made this job so enjoyable. Thank you, Laura and Katie.

Yilin Huo ’22, the Teaching & Learning Program’s Teaching Assistant, teaching Professor Piper's Writing 5 Class.

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