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Discover Materials! in JSTOR Forum

Professor Ulrike Wegst at the Thayer School of Engineering developed a library of material samples that allows students to explore the structures, properties, and processing characteristics of common metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and natural materials.  Understanding these materials informs the process and selection for their projects, prototypes and manufacture in the shops at Thayer and the HOP.

 Foam, Metal,  Discover Materials!, accessed May 27, 2020,

To make the materials samples more accessible, Prof. Wegst worked with students  to photograph materials and create data sheets about these materials that could be viewed on a website. Maintaining the website required some programming background and created website maintenance issues. Prof Wegst and her students assistants were able to work with Mina Rakhra from the library to create material templates in JSTOR Forum where students can add and update materials information with consistent terminology, and publish directly to an OMEKA website. Students helped to create supporting documentation for new students working on the project, as well online exhibits from the materials library, such as the Food for Thought Exhibit on chocolate,

  Cacao Pod & Bean Samples

The physical Discover Materials! Collection is located in Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering, next to the machine shop. The collection consists of hundreds of materials and products, with information to guide students with materials selection for their projects.  Browse the collection online: 

The collection is also being added to Dartmouth's public collections in Artstor:


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