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About Evans Map Room

These are entries from the staff of the Evans Map Room.

Film Map
Film Map: The History of Popular Film Set to the Art of Cartography

I'm often asked "What's your favorite map?" The problem is I don't have one. My favorite map is the one in front of me. But we just received a new map that got me to thinking about imaginary places on maps. We just got Film Map: The History of Popular Film Set to the Art of Cartography. All of the cartographic elements on this map are movie titles! But wait a minute. There is no place like that. That is what makes this a map of an imaginary place. The map is real but shows "places" that aren't. We have a couple of other maps like that including Atlantis-Dekapotamia and Atlanto-Karelia or Dekapotamia. We also have a couple of atlases such as The Atlas of Middle Earth and An Atlas of Fantasy.



Maps created in the Evans Map Room have been featured in a couple of stories. From The Dartmouth student paper in a story by Tyler Bradford, Admiral William Fallon is talking about the United States foreign policy in the Middle East. The map he is using to illustrate his talk was created in the map room. The President's Office needed a map of the Middle East and we created it from one of the base maps in ArcGIS.

Courtesy of Tyler Bradford & The Dartmouth

Professor James Stanford of the Linguistics Department was featured in a story on VPR.

He is standing in front of a poster Dennis Grady created. Professor Stanford came to the map room for help mapping points around the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. He provided the information for the points and we mapped them. You can also see one of four maps created in the map room.


Sometimes you want a map that is very focused on a geographic area because of your topic, but you can't find that exact map online. We have a solution for you. Both the stand-alone software and ArcGIS online have a variety of base maps that allow for customization. Do you want a map that looks like National Geographic created it, or do you want something simpler? Or maybe a map of the new country of South Sudan? The Evans Map Room can help you. Come and see us!

L. M. Hall

A map of South Sudan
South Sudan (June 2012)