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For over 25 years the Book Arts Workshop has welcomed students, faculty, and community members to explore the world of book arts. To celebrate what is possible in the Book Arts Workshop, the Dartmouth College Library hosts a competition for the Book Arts Prize. Each Spring students and community members (faculty, staff and local residents) put forward their best work from the academic year for our judges to assess. These judges often have a tough time deciding among the fantastic works that have been produced. Whether the books, broadsides and other printed pieces came about as a class project or out of curiosity and fun, everyone enjoyed a chance to learn about printing and bookbinding and to work with their hands. The prize winning pieces are on display in the Treasure Room Hall of Baker-Berry Library and will remain through the 2018 fall term.

Entries on display for judging in the bookbinding room of the Book Arts Workshop — photo by Sarah Smith


The Prize winners:

Grand Prize Winner, Maya Lakshmi Srinivasan for “Inexplicable”, intaglio printed images with letterpress printed text, bound with wood and leather in a dragon scale structure — photo by Sarah Smith


First Prize for Bookbinding, Max Saylor for “Cyclicity”, digital photographs bound with bicycle inner tubes, tire and brake line  — photo by Sarah Smith


First Prize for Letterpress, Matteo Visconti for “El Hombre—Nuances of a Theme by Williams”, letterpress printed with metal and wood type  — photo by Sarah Smith
Detail of Matteo Visconti for “El Hombre—Nuances of a Theme by Williams”


Honorable Mention for Artist Book, Isabel Adler for "Book of the Hours", letterpress, hand-drawn "illuminations", hand-bound in cloth covered case, with brass embelishments  — photo by Sarah Smith


First Prize (shared) for Community Excellence , Larry Litten for “Detached Sentences on Gardening”, letterpress printed text, woodcut relief printed imagery, bound in a blizzard book structure and housed in a hand-made cloth covered box  — photo by Sarah Smith


First Prize (shared) for Community Excellence , Harriette Yahr, '87 for “And So We Begin Again”, laser printed text designed with InDesign, bound in a dos-a-dos structure, accompanied with found/hand-made objects, notes and other items, all housed in a hand-made, Cave paper covered pop-up box and a laser-cut label — photo by Sarah Smith


First Prize for Community Excellence in Letterpress, Maria Elena Sandalli for “Nella Breve Notte”, letterpress printed with metal and wood type — photo by Sarah Smith
Detail of Maria Elena Sandalli for “Nella Breve Notte”


The other entries that made the judges decisions difficult:

Debra Kraemer's entry, "Fragments", letterpress printed text, mosaic cover in a flutterbook/accordion structure — Photo by Amy Bucci
Summer Christensen's "Cells: The Building Blocks of Life", letterpress, hand-made rubber stamp and hand colored miniature accordion book — Photo by Amy Bucci
Kevin Soraci's "Metal", brass, aluminum sheeting, sewn with thread in a coptic binding structure — Photo by Amy Bucci
Julie Lim's "The Planets", laser printed text, letterpress printed covers and hand-painted pages bound as an accordion structure —photo by Amy Bucci
Jessica Canto's "Latinx Resistance", one of a series of 5 letterpress printed broadsides — Photo by Amy Bucci
Morgan McGonagle's "Unearthed", digital photos hand-sewn into Langdell cinnamon paper — Photo by Amy Bucci
Jessica Weil's "Bleeding Heart", letterpress, red ink, hand-bound as a shaped drum leaf structure — photo by Amy Bucci
Hollye Swinehart's "Suspended Exhalation", digital photos in an accordion structure with a pocket of found objects and notes inside the front cover — photo by Amy Bucci
Alexandra Gosnell's "Towards Freedom", laser printed text, set with InDesign and hand-bound in a hard cover (case bound) — Photo by Amy Bucci
Sophie Connor's "Return", hand-cut Canson Mi-Tientes paper in a carousel book structure —photo by Sarah Smith