Notes From Readings on Discovery – Catalog focused blog posts update

Tim Spalding has posted his second installment:—Part-Two-Where-Will-We-Go-Next.html

From analyzing usage statistics … learned that enrichments hidden behind tabs or other such elements are effectively invisible and rarely used. Users have been trained to scroll up and down, but they are averse to clicking to see ‘what else there is.’

User experience also throws the distinction between website and catalog into question. Libraries think of them as separate things, often placing them under separate teams. But users do not.”

Libraries today exist on social media as much as anywhere else; enrichments should too.

Search for something on Google and some excellent hits from your library” should “show up as well.

Even as technology unifies, libraries must resist closed solutions and ‘walled gardens.’ Catalogs and other services must be open to enrichment

We are “in the infancy of recommender systems, and ‘serendipity-systems’ have barely been tried

Serendipity and ‘tripping over things’ plays a role in library discovery

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