Notes on Readings on Discovery – Future of the Library Website

“biggest problem for library websites, is that there is little future for the library website. That’s because people will get less and less information through web browsers. Indeed, consider how often you use a web browser on your phone versus an app. Developments in AI, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will compound that trend.”

“Within a decade or two, I expect people will look back on web pages as a brief, transitory medium bridging print information to linked data. And as our AI, VR and AR technologies take off, they will liberate information from the old print paradigms altogether.”

“you could define the future online library as something between an MMORPG, and the TED conference”


1 thought on “Notes on Readings on Discovery – Future of the Library Website

  1. While I don’t discount everything on the faillab posting, I wonder if his timeline is overly ambitious. There is a huge backlog of content that would need to be enriched to be linked-data friendly. Perhaps the greater risk is that the unprocessed content will simply not get exposed quickly enough to be valuable to researchers. I’m also not completely sold on VR/AR technologies yet, and my smart phone is constantly using a web browser, usually linking out from a specific app, so I don’t think the web browser is dead yet, either. If anything, as our research shows, people are bypassing our front pages to get directly to content that has been Google indexed.

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