Current Group Members and Affiliates


Principal Investigator: Lorenza Viola, Professor of Physics


Office: Wilder 247
Phone: +1-603-646-2528
Email: Lorenza.Viola at Dartmouth.EDU
Skype: lorenzaviola




Leigh M. Norris, Postdoctoral fellow

Focus area: Open quantum systems, quantum control,

Office: Wilder 201 
Phone: +1-603-646-3970 
Email: Leigh.M.Norris at Dartmouth.EDU


Felix Beaudoin, FRQNT Postdoctoral Fellow

Focus area: Open quantum systems, quantum control

Office: Wilder 201 
Phone: +1-603-646-0947
Email: Felix.Beaudoin at Dartmouth.EDU


Alexander R. Smith, Dartmouth Society Junior Fellow , NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow

Focus area: Relativistic quantum information, quantum gravity

Office: Wilder 201 
Phone: +1-603-646-0947 
Email: Alexander.R.Smith at Dartmouth.EDU


abhijeetAbhijeet Alase, Graduate student

Focus area: Topological quantum matter, entanglement

Office: Wilder 307
Phone: +1-603-646-9946
Email: Abhijeet.L.Alase.GR at Dartmouth.EDU


saliniSalini Karuvade, Graduate student

Focus area: Quantum information theory, quantum control

Office: Wilder 307
Phone: +1-603-646-9946
Email: Salini.Karuvade.GR at Dartmouth.EDU


Francesco Ticozzi, University of Padua, Italy & Visiting Adjoint Assistant Professor

Focus area: Quantum control, quantum dynamical systems

Email: francesco.ticozzi at Dartmouth.EDU
       ticozzi at


Emilio Cobanera, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor

Focus area: Condensed-matter theory, quantum statistical mechanics

Email: cobanee at


Past group members:

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Emilio Cobanera, September 2015-August 2017. Now Assistant Professor at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica
  • Amrit Poudel, September 2013-April 2015. Now Product Development Engineer at KLA-Tencor, San Jose
  • Gerardo A. Paz-Silva, August 2013-January 2015. Now Research Fellow at Griffith University [Howard Wiseman group]
  • Seung-Woo Lee, January-December 2013. Now Research Professor at Korea Institute of Advanced Study
  • Shusa Deng, July 2011-July 2013. Now Adjoint Professor at Sacred Heart University
  • Kaveh Khodjasteh, January 2008-October 2012. Now Director Data Science and Optimization at Target, San Francisco
  • Wenxian Zhang, August 2007-July 2008. Now Professor at Wuhan University
  • Lea F. Dos Santos, September 2004-August 2007. Now Professor at Yeshiva University

Graduate and Visiting Students:

  • Peter D. Johnson, PhD student. Awarded Gordon Hull Fellowship A.Y. 2015-16, graduated October 2016. Now postdoc at Harvard University [Alan-Aspuru group]
  • Winton G. Brown, PhD student. Awarded Gordon Hull Fellowship A.Y. 2008-09, graduated October 2010. Now at Northrop Grumman Corporation.
  • Shusa Deng, PhD student and postdoc. Awarded Gordon Hull Fellowship A.Y. 2009-2010; recipient of the 2011 Graduate Research Award
  • Todd Green, Visiting PhD student, The University of Sydney, April-Decembre 2013, joint supervision with M. J. Biercuk. Graduated October 2016
  • Sarah T. Smith, Master student, Graduated October 2007
  • Aikaterini Mandilara, Visiting PhD student, University of Washington in Saint Louis, April-August 2005, joint supervision with J. W. Clarke. Graduated December 2005, now Assistant Professor at Nazarbayev University
  • Francesco Ticozzi, Visiting PhD Student in Automatic Control, University of Padua (Italy), joint supervision with A. Ferrante, graduated February 2007. Now Associate Professor at the University of Padua

Undergraduate Students:

  • Connie H. Jiang, Physics research intern, June 2015-May 2016. Recipient of a 2015 Stamps Leadership Scholar Award, and of 2016 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Graduated May 2016, now PhD student at Stanford
  • Philip R. Larie, Physics research intern, February 2014-February 2015. Recipient of a Kaminsky Family Fund Award for Summer 2014, graduated May 2015
  • Dhrubo Jyoti, Physics research intern and senior honor thesis student, December 2009-May 2011. Awarded a Neukom Scholar Fellowship for Summer and Fall 2010. Now Physics PhD student at Dartmouth
  • David J. Starling, Research Experience for Undergraduate, Summer 2005. Now Assistant Professor at Penn State University