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About the Survey

Welcome to the MTurk Decision Task Study Website!

To view past daily outcomes, decision tasks, and winning tickets, click the RESULTS tab above

About the results:

Stage 2 outcomes (Outcome 1 or 2) and decision tasks (Tasks 1 to 7) will be posted on this website within two business days of the end of the day the survey was taken.

For some participants, the number of tokens that can be spent on basic goods in the retirement phase depends on chance. For these participants, the number of tokens that can be spend on basic goods in retirement will be noted by “Possibility 1: tokens 40 to 66” or “Possibility 2: tokens 40 to 74” in the Results section. If you do not recall seeing an explanation about this, this does not apply to you and tokens 40 to 70 can always be spend on basic goods in both phases.

  • Because outcomes, decision tasks, and winning tickets are the same for all respondents who take the survey on the same day, results will be posted, at the earliest, the day after the survey is taken
  • For example, if you took the survey in the morning on a Monday, results would be posted between Tuesday morning (at the earliest) and Wednesday night (at the latest)

About the survey:
We are researchers from Dartmouth College and UC Berkeley, and we study how people make decisions

  • The survey lasts approximately 15-20 minutes
  • Your participation in this survey is voluntary and you are not required to complete the survey
  • The information collected will be maintained anonymously

Questions about this study may be directed to the contact provided at the beginning of the MTurk survey, or emailed to:

Anonymous comments can be submitted using the entry box to the right