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Within the labs of the M2P2 program, there is a dynamic community of post-doctoral fellows working on various topics related to microbial pathogenesis. Former M2P2 Fellows have gone on to lead academic and industry labs, pursue patent law, join consulting firms, work for non-profit foundations, and hold jobs in many different areas of biotechnology.

Fellows have the opportunity to develop career skills by speaking at the M2P2 retreat and in the weekly Friday-noon Post-Doctoral Seminar Series. Fellows can also take advantage of the programming organized by the recently formed Dartmouth College Postdoctoral Association (DCPDA). The DCPDA has hosted various career development activities such as seminars on "How to Give a Chalk Talk" and a grant-writing seminar aimed at young investigator and training awards (e.g., K, F, R awards). The DCPDA also hosts an annual spring picnic.

Post-doctoral fellows can and do participate in all M2P2 program activities, such as journal clubs and joint lab meeting.

There are definitely very well-regarded people in this group who are top-notch.