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Graduate Students

The M2P2 program welcomes Ph.D. students from the MCB, QBS or PEMM graduate programs, which include labs spanning the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Dartmouth College and the Thayer School of Engineering.

A primary goal of the Program is to provide students with broad training in microbial pathogenesis and microbial biology. Many of the laboratories associated with M2P2 are part of the Microbiology Graduate program. It is important to note that labs participating in M2P2 include those studying bacterial biology, fungi, parasites, immunology, cell biology and structural biology. Therefore, an M2P2 student's training is broad and interdisciplinary.

Formal training opportunities include:

  • Advanced classes in host-pathogen interactions, fungal biology, bacterial metabolism, bioinformatics and immunology.
  • A number of our students have taken off-campus classes in bacterial genetics, microbial diversity, molecular mycology, and quantitative microscopy.
  • Students are expected to enroll in a journal club each semester, and the Molecular Pathogenesis journal club is offered each term.
  • M2P2 lab meeting allows each Ph.D. student to present their thesis work annually in a formal presentation to the entire program.
  • The annual M2P2 retreat brings together ~100 scientists working on bacterial, fungal and parasite biology from ~15 campuses in northern New England.
  • NIH-funded stipends and funding for travel

In addition to these formal training opportunities, the collaborative M2P2 program allows frequent interactions between and among students, post-docs and faculty.

There are definitely some very well-regarded people in this group who are top-notch.