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Recent News

News from M2P2 - Fall 2019

Richard Manivanh, Kimberley Lewis, and Colleen French are recent M2P2 graduates.

Ben Ross joined the Microbiology and Immunology faculty and is the newest member of M2P2.

Caitlin Kowalski in the Cramer lab was lead author on a paper in Nature Microbiology describing the role of fungal morphology in hypoxia and disease.

Deborah Hogan was elected as a member of the American Academy of Microbiology.

Elora Demers in the Hogan lab was lead author on a paper in PNAS describing heterogeneity of antibiotic resistance in fungal infections in cystic fibrosis.

The Leavitt lab graduated two Masters students, Lina Taenzer (now PhD student at MIT-WHOI) and Alice Zhou (now PhD student at U. Michigan) in summer '19. The Leavitt lab also won a Simons Foundation grant to continue our study of aerobic microbial methane production, and an NSF award to study the hydrogen isotopes of archaeal lipids.  The first paper from a previously funded ACS-DNI project on Archaeal lipids is up on biorxiv and under revision -- the first student paper from the group!

Chaya Patel and Iara Backes in the Leib lab were lead authors on a paper in Science Translational Medicine describing the role of maternal immunity in neonatal HSV infection.

George O’Toole was been named the Elmer R. Pfefferkorn, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. Read more.

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology is among the best funded in the country.

Bruce Stanton received the Unsung Hero award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Robb Cramer was named co-Director of the Medical Mycology Course at the MBL.

Hector Cruz's abstract was selected for a student talk at the Upstate NY Immunology Conference.

Courtney Price was appointed to the Immunology Training Grant.

Giulia Orazi in the O'Toole lab published a paper in mBio describing the impact of microbe-microbe interactions on biofilm antibiotic recalcitrance.

News from M2P2 - Spring 2019

Alan Collins, Guilia Orazi, and Irina Mikheyeva are recent graduates from M2P2.

Assistant Professors Daniel Schultz (Microbiology/Immunology), Wil Leavit (Earth Sciences) and Carey Nadell (Biology) are all recent additions to our M2P2 faculty.  Ben Ross will join Micro/Immuno in the fall.

Amy Bierman and Josh Kerkaert are co-recipients of the 2019 Ronald K. Taylor Memorial Fund - this award will help both these PhD candidates to attend the Medical Mycology course at the MBL.

Kowei Ko-wei Liu and Shanice Webster received meeting travel awards.  Shanice Webster also won the outstanding presentation award for the 2019 BLAST meeting.

Caitlyn Kowalski and Elora Demers received F31 awards from the NIH to support their research.

Nicole Loeven and Brandon Ross were appointed to the Dartmouth Cystic Fibrosis Training Program training grant.

Our M2P2 Retreat was Feb. 14/15. Here are a couple of highlights: (1) Lance Cengher and Guilia Orazi were the recipient of of the Ronald Taylor Memorial Scholarship - both students presented on their experiences, (2) 8 students will present 5 minute "lightning talks" in addition to the other ~15 talks and numerous poster presentations scheduled, (3) Chris Sassetti from UMass medical Center gave the Fourth Annual Ronald K. Taylor Keynote address, and (4) we had two career development workshops. Plus we set aside a bit of time for skating and skiing.



M2P2 is very collaborative, and Dartmouth as a whole is also very collaborative and really facilitates people working together instead of competing against each other.