Fall 2018

This Talk about Ranks will be # 1

Decide to Come to a Talk on Decision Making

A Special Screening

A Talk by Professor Sergei Elizalde

A Talk by Dr. Pomerance:

For more information, see Dr. Pomerance’s paper.



First Meeting: Wednesday, 9/19 from 5 to 6:30 PM in Kemeny 300

Hello, Dartmouth Students!
Are you interested in mathematics or STEM??
Want to meet like minded people in a fun, relaxed environment?? If so, consider joining the Dartmouth Mathematical Society (DMS)!
In this group, we will do anything from listening to Dartmouth STEM professors speak about their mathematically/computationally oriented research, watching mathematical movies like Good Will Hunting and The Man Who Knew Infinity, exploring the beauty of mathematics in everyday life, and conducting outreach events.
If you’re interested in any managerial positions, send me a brief statement of interest. We currently have the following positions available: marketer/advertiser, writer/editor, event planner, event coordinator, and treasurer. However, if you think you can contribute to the club in a different way, your suggestions are always welcome.
Our first meeting will be held next Wednesday (9/19) from 5-6:30 PM in Kemeny 300. It will be an informal meet and greet where you can get to know more about the club, share your interests, suggest event ideas, and meet other mathematically inclined individuals.