The Prevention Education branch of MAVĀ facilitates discussions on power dynamics, the spectrum of violence, rape culture and rape myths, sexism, victim-blaming mentalities, unhealthy masculinity, and restrictive gender expression. In doing so, we explicitly address the beliefs, thought processes, attitudes, behaviors, language, and structural inequalities that underlie sexual violence. We ultimately strive to promote personal accountability for our actions as well as community accountability.

MAV Facilitators are trained to lead discussions about the continuum of sexual violence and the prevention of unhealthy behavior with student communities, including but not limited to fraternities, sororities, gender-inclusive Greek houses, affinity communities, and first-year floors. We engage in dialogue with students in order to think critically about assumptions regarding sexual violence and gender norms as well as the ways in which these assumptions normalize rape culture and contribute to an oppressive environment forĀ all people.

For more information, email for a copy of The MAV Approach.