Anne Pinkney is a ’20 from Rochester, NY pursuing a degree in History and a minor in Spanish. She has participated in MAV since the winter of 2017 as a member and now serves on the executive board as the Director of E&P. MAV leaders apsire to create and maintain an atmosphere of self-care and positive reinforcement. In line with that core principle, Anne celebrates her ability to question deeply entrenched, problematic practices on campus and her involvement with organizations dedicated to changing these aspects of campus life. She feels inspired by MAV’s ability to interrogate the role of individuals in creating climates that inherently foster violence. Anne also believes that serving as a MAV executive means being able to consciously challenge behaviors and attitudes surrounding sexual assault and gender-based violence on campus. After leaving Dartmouth, she hopes to see the problematic behaviors that are normalized on campus shift in order to create a more supportive and welcoming community.