American Archive of Public Broadcasting

From the AAPC website:

“The American Archive of Public Broadcasting, a collaboration between WGBH and the Library of Congress (Library), was instituted in 2013 with a long-term vision to identify, preserve, and make accessible as much as possible the historical record of publicly funded broadcasting in America. The American Archive Content Inventory project (AACIP) was an initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), in which approximately 120 public broadcasting entities surveyed their holdings and created 2.5 million inventory records. CPB funded the digitization and preservation of 40,000 hours of content identified in the AACIP as the initial preservation effort of the AAPB.  In addition, CPB has funded WGBH and the Library for two years until September 2015 to complete the digitization project, incorporate the digital files into the Library collection, develop a website for the public to view the inventory records and the proxies from the digital files when rights permit, and develop a sustainability plan to support the American Archive of Public Broadcasting into the future.”