Library of Congress

Audio-Visual Conservation at The Library of Congress

From the LOC site: “The Library is home to more than 1.1 million film, television, and video items. With a collection ranging from motion pictures made in the 1890s to today’s TV programs, the Library’s holdings are an unparalled record of American and international creativity in moving images.”


MEP is proud to have connections with the Library of Congress and its Audio-Visual Conservation archives. Our goal is to connect the vast materials of the Library and other resources of the Packard Campus with film scholars and student researchers.


The Packard Campus at The Library of Congress

From the LOC site: “The physical description of the Campus is impressive enough—415,000 square feet, more than 90 miles of shelving for collections storage, 35 climate controlled vaults for sound recording, safety film, and videotape, 124 individual vaults for more flammable nitrate film—but it will also be a “factory” for acquisitions, preservation, access, and partnerships. For example, the Campus will feature an off-air recording room to enable off-broadcast, off-cable, off-satellite capture of hundreds of channels of audiovisual content.”

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