EWSC 2014

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Workshop Summary: To push further the evolution of the Rich Media Web, and to facilitate its convergence with the Semantic Web, it is essential to establish consensus on online media annotation standards, the use of semantics in describing what media represents, and demonstrate approaches to leverage such structured and semantic media descriptions in Web applications. While non-textual content is often now the first destination of online agents rather than HTML/textual resources, and thus access to structured annotation of the online media is increasingly important for new Web applications capable of media search, retrieval, adaptation and presentation, the online media annotation space is still limited, fragmented and lacking in consensus for building Web tools and interfaces to support it.

LiME’2014 focuses on identifying the key building blocks required to foster the development of new Web tools and interfaces that will support the growth and re-use of Linked Media, which is inspired by the Linked Data movement for making structured descriptions of resources more easily available online, and applies these principles to the online publication of structured media descriptions and their re-use in online media retrieval, browsing and interlinking.