Media Ecology Project Symposium, May 17-18 2013

With Leslie Humanities Center funding, we have organized a symposium for MEP on May 17-18, that will bring a number of key players to campus and work on next best steps of development.  The symposium is free and open to the Dartmouth community.

The basic schedule for the symposium may be found here, all events in the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

The intro session on Friday morning is recommended, as well as the public screening event on Saturday afternoon.

Friday May 17 will be a very full day, starting at 9am.  Key partner archives and institutions will give introductory presentations during the morning, which will be the most important session for all interested to attend.  Casual lunch will follow, allowing for informal questions and exchanges.  The afternoon schedule will include time for break-out sessions and brain-storming.  We will share a reception with Prof. Mary Flanagan’s Dartmouth at Play Games Conference participants at 5pm.

Saturday morning will be a synthesis session, to plan next best steps for the project.  After lunch, we will have an Archival Film Festival at 2pm in the Loew Auditorium of the BFVAC.  This will give the MEP symposium a public face, and serve as a celebratory capstone event.  Mostly this will be a showcase for the archives, including Dartmouth’s own.

Here is the list of the most excellent attendees for the symposium:

Mike Mashon, Library of Congress

Andrea Leigh, Library of Congress

Adrienne Garber, Columbia Univ [Mediathread]

Steve Anderson, Univ Southern California [Scalar]

Eric Hoyt, Univ Wisconsin [Media History Digital Library]

Dan Streible, NYU Orphan Film Symposium

Mark Quigley, UCLA Film and Television Archive

Mark Cooper, Univ South Carolina MIRC Archive

Karen Cariani, WGBH Archive

Jaime Combariza, Brown Univ [Center for Computing and Visualization]

Many very talented Dartmouth colleagues will take part in the symposium as well.  Special thanks to The Leslie Center for the Humanities, The Office of the Provost, The Dartmouth Library, the Dean of Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Film and Media Studies.