Schedule for Media Ecology Project Symposium, May 17-18 2013

MEP Symposium, May 17-18.  All events held in the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

Friday, May 17

8:30am  Breakfast (VAC 201)

9:00am  Introductory Session (Loew Auditorium)

12:00pm Convivial Lunch (VAC 301)

1:00pm Metdata Roundtable (VAC 001)

2:00pm Q&A with Mediathread and Scalar Programmers (VAC 001)

2:50pm Coffee Break

3:00pm Break-Out Sessions (VAC 001, 109, 230)

4:00pm Reports from Break-Out Sessions (VAC 001)

5:00pm Reception, with Dartmouth at Play Game Culture Conference (VAC lobby)

Saturday, May 18

8:30am Breakfast (VAC 201)

9:30am Synthesis Session (VAC 001)

12:00 Mid-day Break

2:00pm Archival Film Festival (Loew Auditorium)

5:00pm Symposium concludes