SART 66/68 – Architecture II

Course: Studio Art 66/68: Architecture II
Instructor: Prof. Jack Wilson
Assignment: Architectual Space in Digital Media

The experience of architecture is spatial and it is also temporal. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to explore and analyze existing buildings and places on the Dartmouth campus from the perspective of their own experience in a spatial, aesthetic and temporal sense and to investigate the history and character of a particular building or place. The work to complete the assignment will consist of research as well as video production.
Students will work in teams of two determined by the instructor.

Each team will select three buildings or places from the following list in order of priority of your preference:

  • Dartmouth Row
  • Hopkins Center
  • Hood Museum
  • Collis Center
  • Robinson Hall
  • Baker/Berry
  • Rauner Library at Webster Hall
  • Alumni Gymnasium/Memorial Field
  • Fairchild Science Center
  • Leverone Field House
  • College Park/Bartlett Tower/the Bema

The instructor will assign each team to a building or place from their list of selections.

The class will attend an orientation session with Jay Satterfield, Dartmouth’s Special Collections Librarian, to learn about research access to the Rauner Special Collections Library. This archive will serve as a primary resource in researching the building or place assigned.

The class will also attend digital video tutorial sessions in the Starr Instructional Center at Berry Library. Teams will complete an edited digital video recording of approximately 8-10 minutes in length. Each team is to research and explore the experience of that building or place using historical analysis as well as contemporary visual experience through the medium of digital video. Students will use iMovie as an editing program for this exercise. Camcorders, editing stations and portable hard drives are available for use through coordination with the Jones Media Center. The Instructor will arrange to make DV tapes available from Jones for the taping and storage of projects. Final projects will be burned onto DVD’s.