SOCY.001: Intro to Sociology

Course: Introduction to Sociology
Instructor: Joshua Kim and Susan Simon
Assignment: Sociological Mashup (Team Project)  (25 Percent of Final Grade)

Throughout the term your team will be working on a sociological mashup.  Your mashup will be a short (5 to 7 minute) video project that utilizes one or more pieces of the rich media (video) from our course curriculum.  Your mashup is designed to teach one of the main concepts we cover in our course (from the modules).  The goal of the mashup is to make the topic of the module interesting and exciting to a high school or college audience.  You will be posting your Mashups on YouTube, and then linking them to the Sociological Mashup Wiki in Blackboard.

Topics that your teams can choose to teach with your mashup include: The Sociological View and Culture and Socialization, Social Interaction, Groups and Social Structure,  Deviance and Social Control, Stratification in the United States and Global Inequality,  Inequality by Race and Ethnicity and Inequality and by Gender, Family and Religion, Social Institutions – Education, Government and the Economy, Population, Community, Health and the Environment, or  Social Movements, Social Change, and Technology

Source materials for your mashups include the videos that we watch in the course, PowerPoints from the curriculum (available for download in Blackboard) as well as other video and image material you fine.  Keep in mind that you job is to use the curriculum to teach the core concepts of the module you choose.  The idea is that we learn something best if we need to teach it, and your teams will be teaching these concepts using the mashup structure.

Each week we will devote our X-Hour time to your team working on their Mashups.  Training on video editing software, as well as the original media to mashup, will be provided.  We will also provided training on designing a mashup.   The videos you will be using as the main sources for your team Mashups are the ones we will be watching each week for our modules.  They include:

The Persuaders
Devil’s Playground
Sick Around the World
Declining by Degrees
The Lost Children of Rockdale County
Nova World in the Balance

Teams will be able to pull scenes from these videos, as well as supplement with other materials (such as images or videos you get from the Web) as well as provide a voice-over.

To see all video projects, visit the course YouTube channel at:

Example of Final Project