GERM.003: Intermediate German

Course: German 3: Intermediate German
Instructor: Prof. Christopher Schnader
Assignment: Digital Storytelling

Students will be creating a 2 -3 minute video about themselves with an audio track that uses German text they have written. Students will receive training in two 1 hour time slots. The first will be during class and the second during an x hour. Their projects will be due on Nov. 15. We will then forward each student’s partner a version of their partner’s video that has been stripped of audio. Students will have until Nov. 19 to submit a new text to accompany their partner’s video . On Nov. 20 students will practice reading these alternative scripts in class and learn vocabulary that may be unfamiliar. A screening of all videos will take place Nov. 21 in Jones Media Center. Each will first be presented with the partner’s alternative script being read by the author, and then screened in the original version with audio.

Example of Final Project

[youtube GHKOPBy_EVw]