Course: Italian 3
Instructor: Scott Millspaugh
Assignment: “L’altra famiglia” Video Project

Produce a movie trailer for “L’altra famiglia” in groups with the assistance of the Jones Media Center.

The Assignment
In groups of three or four, you will conceptualize and execute a 90-second trailer for a film version of Dacia Maraini’s short story, “L’altra famiglia”. The trailer must include:
1. at least TWO SCENES from the story (these may be edited and don’t necessarily have to represent the scenes from start to finish);
2. appearances by all members of the group (including speech);
3. music; and
4. voice-over narration.

Your video project will be assessed on both group and individual bases. Out of 100 total points, 60 will be earned in the following “group” categories

– accuracy of all Italian language used (both voice-over narration and performance) – 12 points;
– content (your interpretation of the story in trailer form – the “idea”) – 18 points; and
– technical execution (the overall quality of the video, including sound and editing) – 30 points.

40 more points will be earned in the following “individual” categories:
1.collaboration (to be determined by your other group mates) – 15 points; and
2. performance (not acting, but your use of Italian language – including fluency and pronunciation) – 25 points.

I will provide a more exhaustive rubric when I return your scripts on May 8th.

When you meet with your group for the first time, please decide on a name for your production company, which you will include in the credits of the trailer. Think of something fun! (In Italian, of course!)

You will be assisted by the Jones Media Center, which will also provide access to the technology necessary to make your trailer (everything from computer stations with iMovie and video recorders to microphones and external hard drives). The timetable for your trailer is as follows:

Monday, April 28th: Susan Simon will visit our class and speak to you for 20 minutes. She will introduce you to the resources available at the Media Center and discuss strategies for conceptualizing your video project.

Wednesday, May 1st: We will have an hour-long training session in the Media Center in Berry.

Also on Wednesday, May 1st: Your trailer storyboard is due at the end of our training session.

Friday, May 3rd: I will hand back your storyboard, so you can begin work on the script.

Monday, May 6th: Your script is due at the beginning of class.

Wednesday, May 8th: I will hand back your script, so you can begin filming.

Monday, May 13th: Check-in day at the Jones Media Center. Instead of having a normal class meeting, we will convene again in the library. At this point, all of your filming should be complete and you will have started working on post-production.

Friday, may 17th: We will watch your completed videos in class, which must be introduced by the group. After we screen your video, you must also explain your creative choices and be prepared to answer questions.