PhD Candidate Irwin Tendler wins 3rd Prize in AAPM Young Investigator Symposium

First year PhD student Irwin Tendler was selected to present the Dartmouth team’s work on scintillation dosimetry imaging in total skin electron therapy, in the John R. Cameron Young Investigator Symposium, at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Annual Conference, July 31, 2018.  He was awarded 3rd prize for his talk, which focused on clinical results presenting the application of time-gated imaging of small scintillator dots that were placed on the skin surface of patients receiving irradiation.  Detection of these point dosimeters with the C-Dose camera (DoseOptics LLC), allowed for quantitative skin dose estimation from the image analysis, and the numbers were validated with OSLD dosimetry used at the same time.  The approach provides the first methodology for remote quantitative imaging dosimetry, without wires or in-room readout devices.  The work is in review now for peer-reviewed publication.  Similar work was presented at the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting  in 2018, where he was awarded 2nd prize.


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