Courses & CAMPEP track

The Medical Physics Program enhances a Dartmouth PhD education with 6 required courses applicable to a career in clinical medical physics and a practicum experience (6+1 courses) allowing graduates to apply for CAMPEP accredited residency programs.

  1. Biomedical Radiation Transport (ENGG 168) – Instructor: Pogue (terms F17, F19, F21)
  2. Medical Imaging (ENGS 167) – Instructor: Pogue (terms F18, F20)
  3. Quantitative Human Physiology (ENGG 166) – Instructor: Pogue (terms S18, S20)
  4. Radiation Protection and Safety (RAD 001) – Instructor: Williams (terms W18, W20, W22)
  5. Radiobiology (RAD 002) – Instructor: Weaver (terms F18, F20)
  6. Radiation Therapy Physics (RAD 003) – Instructor: Fox (terms W17, W19, W21)
  7. Practicum in Medical Physics (RAD 004) – Instructor: Gladstone (terms S17, S19, S21)

Students who have been admitted to the program may enroll in these 7 classes, and upon satisfactory completion of them, will receive notification of their completion of the accredited CAMPEP Medical Physics Education Program as denoted on their official transcript from Dartmouth.