Quaternary Geology Laboratories

The Quaternary Geology Laboratories have to main facilities: the Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory and the Sediment Core Laboratory.

Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory

1-Columns1-Cosmolab1                                                                Located in Steele Hall 213
The Dartmouth Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory is a fully equipped, semi-clean, wet-chemistry laboratory for the isolation of cosmogenic nuclides (10Be and 26Al). Additional Dartmouth facilities and equipment available for cosmogenic nuclide sample preparation include the following: sample photography, description and magnetic separation (Fairchild 217); rock sawing, crushing and dry sieving (Fairchild 004); heavy-liquid separation (Steele 213). Jennifer Howley is the Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory manager.


Sediment Core Laboratory

1-EARS15sedlab1-Occomcoring                                                                     Located in Fairchild 217
The Sediment Core Laboratory is currently equipped to process sediments for the following analyses: core photography and visual stratigraphy; magnetic susceptibility (Bartington MS3 Susceptibility Meter with point sensor); loss-on-ignition; smear slide analysis; wet sieving and macrofossil isolation for radiocarbon dating.

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