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The Papers of Charles Daniel Tenney

Nien Lin Xie, in collaboration with Julie Wang from Binghamton University and Ding Ye from Georgetown University, recently completed a scholarly monograph, "Ding Jiali dang an = The Papers of Charles Daniel Tenney" which was published by Guangxi Normal University Press in February, 2015.

The book includes a translation, from English to Chinese, of the papers held in Rauner Special Collections Library. The translation opens the content of these papers to Chinese scholars.

The book also includes an introduction by Professor Pamela Crossley, detailed biographical information about Mr. Tenney, a chronology of his life and works, and a description of the process that led to the creation of the book. Also included is a transcript of Mr. Tenney's 1907 speech to Dartmouth students about the value of education, which originally appeared in the Dartmouth Bi-Monthly, a predecessor of today's Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.

The Dartmouth Digital Library Program digitized and transcribed the papers, and made them available to scholars. In addition to the images of the original papers, displayed alongside the transcribed texts, this presentation includes the Chinese translations of the texts, the introduction to the monograph, the chronology, and the 1907 speech.

Who was Charles Tenney and why was his work so important? This essay answers these questions and provides context for the papers.

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