Welcome to the Micalizio Group Website!

Our laboratory is engaged in study at the heart of organic chemistry, where our attention is directed toward the challenge of synthesizing complex molecules.  This interest guides our efforts that target:

  1. The development of new reactions in organic chemistry, particularly those that enable stereoselective intermolecular C–C bond-formation,
  2. The exploration of strategies capable of synthesizing complex targets in an efficient manner,
  3. The pursuit of laboratory syntheses of rare and biologically active natural products, and
  4. The application of our new chemical methods and synthesis strategies  to problems at the interface of chemistry and biology – these efforts are focused on using our advances in organic chemistry to enable new pathways for discovery of unique compositions of matter with important biological properties.

The research group is composed of students that are passionate about the field of organic synthesis.  These students span all levels and include advanced postdoctoral associates, graduate students, and undergraduates that are just beginning their inquiry into the field.  Our laboratory has been recently renovated and is well equipped to support our studies.  Currently, each student is provided with a 6 foot modern hood with a high vac. line, a fully stocked bench with sink, a rotovap, and access to one of our three instruments to facilitate routine chromatographic purifications.  The laboratory also has two prep. HPLC systems, a solvent purification system, and a collection of undercounter refrigeration units for personal compound and reagent storage.

Most students that train in the Micalizio laboratory have the opportunity to work on methods development and synthesis projects (including our discovery-oriented synthesis projects).  It is typical for students in the laboratory to grow from an experience that is focused on advancing the science and acquiring a skill set that is well suited for industrial (i.e. medicinal and process chemistry) and academic careers.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.  Please navigate through the menu to learn more about the group (publications, current group members, former group members, and news).