Photo courtesy of Fiona Hall.

I am an associate professor of environmental studies and a member of the Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and Society (EEES) PhD program at at Dartmouth College.

I call myself an environmental social scientist. I conduct synthetic and basic empirical work. For the past several years I have led the SESMAD project, in which I have collaborated with a network of academic colleagues to synthesize findings across a range of systems in order to produce more generalizable findings than are typically possible in a single study site. More recently I am helping to develop the Environmental Social Science Network with Stefan Partelow. As a part of this project we have developed the Finding Sustainability Podcast.

In my empirical work I use both quantitative and qualitative methods to study local level natural resource management in fishing and farming systems. My primary research site is in the Dominican Republic, where I collaborate with a network of local partners on marine governance and coastal resilience. With the Dominican NGO AgroFrontera I am studying the potential for and barriers to pro-environmental change in a set of rice irrigation systems located just upstream of the fishing communities that I work in.